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Monday, June 11, 2007

Sometimes, You Almost Wish You WERE Making This Stuff Up....

Porcupine thought his quills were being pulled when he read this post by Anne Schroeder on The Politico:

Everyone's talking about tonight's book party at Left Bank in Adams Morgan for the must-read tome: "What 's Your Poo Telling You?" Author Josh Richman has quite a host list to boot. "Supporting Poobahs" include Nicole Boxer, Rep. Patrick Kennedy and Rep. Linda Sanchez.

Richman is a former DCCC staffer under Kennedy, who we're told will be there. Maybe his appearance on "Larry King Live" will be on TVs in the background, proving that you can be two places at once.

First, Porcupine ascertained that it WAS a real book, and discovered its link on Amazon HERE.

Ineveitable snarky remarks about Rep. Kennedy recognizing family members, or former filed legislation, ineluctably 'swirled' in Porcupine's mind, along with disbelief that the Representative would would lend his countenance to this event, loyalty to a staffer or no, as it does seem tasteless at best.

So, Porcupine will leave you to your own thoughts regarding the proper study of mankind - or at least Senators and Representatives.


Blogger EuroYank said...

For someone that has long since died I must agree with you. Since you are now long dead ... yes you are a TRUE CONSERVATIVE!

12:47 AM  

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