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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens!

Did he think nobody would notice? That nobody would tell, because after all, we're all Democrats?

Upon the adjournment of the Constitutional Convention, which will reconvene on June 14th, Porcupine expected pressure to by put on pro-amendment legislators in the more traditional way - with the clout of the Senate budget, due for release on May 16. Perhaps some amendments might find favor during that debate. That would be a big - Move along, nothing to see here.

Instead Gov. Patrick chose to involve himself again in the Constitutional Convention in which he plays no role - for the second time. You may remember, before he was sworn in, he was making telephone calls to legislators, helpfully suggesting that they vote for adjournment and no action. When he was 'made aware' of the SJC ruling prohibiting that conduct, he said he had been out of town when the ruling came down - an odd disclaimer for an attorney, but it was still early days.

Porcupine can almost hear the high, whispery voice of the governor as he made his pitch to vote against allowing people to have a direct vote on the Gay Marriage Amendment. "I know this is a tough vote for you. I know that your district is almost 75% in favor of having a vote. It's a really difficult thing, to have the constituents tell you how to vote when you know it's wrong. You know, I just demanded new applications from about fifty Republicans still working in the state agencies, so they can reapply for their jobs. If your constituents can't forgive you for doing the right thing, maybe I could facilitate something there..."

When the Boston Herald broke the Jobs for Votes story (
HERE and HERE) and Gov. Patrick was asked if he offered any job for a change in vote, the answer was an uncharacteristically brusque, "No." No other statement, except through intermediaries. What Porcupine was listening for, and did not hear, was an assertion that the story was baseless, that no such conversation took place. Gov. Patrick has at least learned from his Ameriquest debacle that saying that the conversation was misinterpreted is worse than useless.

The incident speaks to one of two scenarios - that the Governor has an incredibly high dedication to preserving gay marriage in the commonwealth, to the point of bribery, OR that the Governor is so despised by the Legislature that credible sources there are willng to besmirch his name with a major newspaper in order to discredit him.

Either way, the myth of the Democrat Party Monolith lies shattered on the ground - amid the chickens that are coming home to roost.


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