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Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday, Monday.....

Porcupine was happy to sip his morning coffee and open his local paper this Easter Monday. He had attended services the day before, and two of the three hymns he regards as an essential part of an Easter celebration had been used by the Minister. 'He Lives!', a nice peppy tune was missing (...Awake, Awake, Ye Christian, Lift Up your Voice and Sing!..), but 'Up From the Grave He Arose' was the Prelude (even if we didn't get to sing it), and the essential 'Christ the Lord is Risen Today!' by Charles Wesley was sung with great spirit. As a bonus, the congregation got to mangle the 'Hallelujah Chorus' after the sermon, and a young member with a trumpet enhanced the efforts of the organist and pianist. Young children were there in their Easter attire, along with their twenty-something parents, and were clean and well dressed. One young lady even sported a hat.

However, as Porcupine snapped the paper open in the morning sun, he was startled to read that he was not only wasting his Sabbath morning, he was also contributing to the demise of Western civilization. In a column by Gwynne Dyer (formerly of the UK's Guardian, and now a free-lance moonbat) he read - "Now, to be fair, only one of the eighteen countries examined (Japan) was not Christian or "post-Christian," so maybe this just shows that high levels of Christian belief correlate with a variety of social ills." And this - "I never thought that religion really made people behave any better, but apart from the occasional pogrom or religious war it hadn't occurred to me that it would actually make them behave worse. But there may be a clue in the fact that the more religious a country is, the smaller the resources that it puts into social spending, perhaps on the assumption that God will provide." A link to the entire article is HERE. The residue is equally charged with condescenscion and malice towards people of faith, oblivious to the works of charity and compassion that churches perform every day.

Porcupine had intended to comment upon the poor taste of the Cape Cod Times in making such offensive assertions on an Easter Monday, and during Passover, and had assumed that this was Mr. Dyer's regular column. But with other syndicated material they choose to publish, they do not post it on their web site, so Porucpine went searching for Mr. Dyer's badly timed column from his web site, only to discover that Porcupine was doing Mr. Dyer an injustice. He had written the column on March 19; it was the Cape Cod Times that had deliberately delayed publication for three weeks to the Holy Season. Imagine that.

It seems that along with white males and smokers, the religious can now be insulted with impunity, even in an organ as delicate in its political correctness as the Cape Cod Times. Perhaps they will feel badly about insulting Jews during Passover, but Porcupine is bound to admit that the bulk of the column is directed against Christianity in the guise of a study about religion.

Still, it is Easter Monday. So, forgive your enemies. And never forget their names.


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