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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Evacuation Day!

Porcupine has been engaged in contemplating vistas much like this since last Thursday, secure in a glassed-in balcony in Rockland, Maine as the storms howled, the roads collapsed and much of the Mid-Coast succumbed to flooding. It was wonderful - warm and comfortable, as the fog rolled in from the horizon it engulfed the harbor in about ten minutes.
However, Porcupine also ventured afield to check on his property (seen HERE in sunnier times), and is pleased to report that it was still standing, had not been broken into or shot up for fun, or set on fire - a true sign of acceptance by the natives after these eight or so years. While doing so, Porcupince passed by Montpelier, the home of Gen. Henry Knox, seen here (well, a drawing is seen here):
Porcupine has written about Gen. Knox before (HERE) and regards him as the father of Evacuation Day. His prodigious efforts in dragging the cannon of Ft. Ticonderoga across venues and weather such as Porcupine witnessed this weekend, and giving them to Gen. Washington on Dorchester Heights to bombard the British on March 17th was a remarkable example of the tenacity that our early leaders brought to bear in the middle of an unclear guerilla war.

The white house towrards the center is Montpelier, on the banks of the St. George River, where the General retired after his many years of service to the nation, and it is always a lift on a sleeting Maine day to glimpse such a monumnet.
Now, what is all this about some other celebration in Boston involving a breakfast that Porcupine has been hearing about?


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