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Friday, February 09, 2007

Beginnings and Successes

Two of Porcupine’s cyber-friends deserve to be featured today, for very different reasons.

The first is John Stephenson, proprietor and founding eminence of a blog called
Stop the ACLU! Today marks its second anniversary, and the blog recently received it ONE MILLIONTH hit!

How does such a blog begin? What is the impetus? In his own words, “To Beat Them to Death with Their Own Hammer and Sickle”. Mr. Stephenson has never been shy about his opinions, and many are strong to take. However, he certainly puts his money where his mouth is, and cannot even read and celebrate his own blogoversary, as he is currently deployed in the Armed Services (the blog is being run by Gribbit and other friends from the Wide Awakes, which is where Porcupine first made his acquaintance).

The blog is certainly worth the visit, and Porcupine would recommend a hat to hold onto, firmly.

Contrast that with a new blog, just setting out, called Left Wing Escapee. Porcupine is personally acquainted with the author of this blog, and has proudly watched him morph from a Democrat, to a conservative JKF-style Democrat, to an Independent, to a …well… he trembles now upon the brink of actual Republican Party registration in bright blue Massachusetts. Porcupine is of the opinion that having children and paying taxes was a catalyst in this transformation. Left Wing Escapee is intended as a guidebook for others, as they make that perilous journey back to common sense.

To Jake, just starting out, and Jay, a happy birthday, and may you each see a million for hits by next year.


Blogger Jack Coleman said...

Belated thanks, Peter, and your description of my metamorphosis made me laugh out loud. Just a matter of time at this point before I overcome the trepidation of completing switching parties. Hardly a day passes that Democrats don't give me plenty of reasons.

12:53 AM  
Blogger Washington Patriot said...

Hey peter, long time no blog. Just returned from a year-long break and poking around my old haunts. Come take a visit someday. - Patriot Sven

5:06 PM  

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