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Friday, February 02, 2007

Porcupine, Hedgehog and Groundhog Day

Porcupine is disturbed by this story about his smaller, more vulnerable cousin, the Hedgehog, from the Daily Mail in his home Kingdom (See HERE). Found near the Scots border (a questionable area for a young mammal), a local vet said, "We believe this little fellow missed out on his hibernation altogether and the stress of still being awake and trying to fend for himself has caused him to shed his prickles."

Now, the prickles of a Hedgehog are nothing to write home about. Smaller and more delicate than a Porcupine, stroking a Hedgehog has been compared to running one's hand over a bristle brush. Those foolish enough to attempt stroking a Porcupine, with his sharp and pointed quills, have described the experience as being similar to running one's hand over razor wire. Heh.

Still, tribal loyalty counts for something, and it is clear that the earth is undergoing a crisis in limate - even if a wooden marrionette like Gore does say so. Let him have is Oscar, his movie was well done and thought provoking (even if it should not be swallowed whole). The Nobel Peace Prize is a bit much, but it is still only a nomination. Perhaps next year former Vice President Gore can compete in the Mr. Universe pagent as well, and have a trifecta of plaques to console himself for the end of his political career.

Today, it was reported that El Nino, the ocean breeze trend responsible for this strange warm weather that Porucpine has mused about before (see
HERE) is coming to an end, and we may revert to more normal winters. But, on a day when another distaff family member, the Punxsutawney Phil, is predicting that there will be an early end to this ersatz winter (HERE), Porcupine noticed that the International Governmental Panel on Climate Change has released its report on global warning (HERE) and indicates that while humans are not entirely to blame, they are certainly a factor, a position that Porcupine can support.

So - let us find a way to break the stranglehold that OPEC and Middle Eastern Oil have upon us - perhaps by building a ind Farm?


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You are completely unblocked in China now!!!

Glad to be back!


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