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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Second Face of Janus - 2007

Below are Porcupine's Predictions for the year .

As the Roman God looks into the future, here are some predictions for 2007. First, these are predictions from last year that Porcupine still believes will come to pass.

Cape Cod will be hit by a Category 2 hurricane.

At least one town will vote to leave the Cape Cod Commission.

Justice John Paul Stevens will die this year, giving Bush his third choice for the Court.

And now for the new, in no particular order.

The Massachusetts Constitutional Convention will vote to send the Definition of Marriage petition to the ballot in this Session, and will spend the forthcoming Session trying to find a way so it will move no further.

Fidel Casto will die, and Congress will seize the opportunity to normalize relations with Cuba.

Gov. Deval Patrick will decide that the most effective way to study the issue of auto insurance is to hold a series of populist statewide hearings, which will allow people to tell their stories and inform the State of their troubles, in consequence of which nothing will be done or accomplished.

The House will hold a coup, and Speaker Sal DiMasi will not finish out the Session in his current position. Senate President Traviglini will choose to avail himself of opportunities in the dreaded private sector, and Sen. Therese Murray will become the first woman President of the Masachusetts Senate.

Although Sen. John Kerry will not run, former Governor Mitt Romney will run for President, and will be in the top tier as we head to 2008 and the nominations.

Gov. Deval Patrick will advocate both alloing casino gambling in Massachusetts and eliminating the bond cap in order to finance his varied campaign promises. The first will not come to pass in 2007, but the second will.

Scandals will erupt in mainstream media; collusion and price fixing in legal ads and notices will be exposed. Further consolidation among newspapers and television outlets will result in even more rigidly enforced corporate points of view, and factual, accurate local news coverage will be threatened by agenda-driven reporting.

See you New Year's Eve, 2007, to see how accurate these are!


Blogger Lexa Roséan said...

I like that you are making predictions. I don't think Castro will die this year tho.

3:50 AM  
Blogger Wayne said...

Peter - I think you're off by a year on Castro. He died LAST year and they have him on ice... :)

I think you'll do much better in '07 than you did in '06 - but at least you're sticking your neck out and publishing a list...

8:19 AM  

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