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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Opening of Another Show!

Well, the second ten man debate is over, and in Porcupine's opinion, it should be the last.

Porcupine held a very modest gathering, and was able to distribute 'Mitt Swag' - bumper stickers, balloons, cards. One person plans to donate enough to acquire - a Mitt Bobblehead. Admit it, even Porcupine couldn't make that up!

There will be endless analysis, so Porcupine will just give a brief synopsis of overall impression, as contrary to popular belief, Porcupine does have to sleep sometime.

How did the debate go overall? For all the sneering at 'Faux News', they know how to throw a debate. Brit Hume would introduce an umbrella issue, and each candidate - out of order - would be asked a different question pertaining to the overall premise. When there are so many, it gave each a chance to get in an original thought or line, and gave a real feeling for who the candidate was and what they stood for. So, no sniveling. In such a crowded field, each candidate did have a chance to get their story across, and it's time to cut bait.

Who needs to go home (right now)? The Wooden Mr. Thompson, who could not name the departments in the agency he had oversight of; the Unususal Mr. Paul, with his contention that the US deserved 9/11 like a woman in a bar with a low-cut blouse deserves to be raped; the Uninspiring Mr. Gilmore, who has no clear idea why he is running except he is consistent; and the Abrasive Mr. Hunter, general contractor of the Rio Grande Fencing Company.

Who needs to drop back (next year)? The Peripatetic Mr. Tancredo, of Illegals-R-Not-Us; the Scary Mr. Brownback, who is not in Kansas any more; and the Affable Mr. Huckabee who got off the best line of the night (sorry, Sen. McCain, no credit for used lines) when he said that 'Congress spends money like John Edwards in a Beauty Salon'. Porcupine has long been convinced that Huckabee will be the Vice Presidential nomineee, after hearing him speak at length at a Key Club dinner in Boston two years ago.

Who will be the final match-up? well, not to put too fine a point on it, Rudy McRomney. There is a reason these three rose to prominence so early - their superior intelligence and articulate style. Porcupine is an unabashed Romney fan, and remains convinced he will be the nominee.

Meanwhile, kudos to Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Wendell Goler, who suceeded in running a debate which shed as much light as heat.

Now, on to the Princess Theatre in Pocatella, Idaho!


Blogger Wally Banners said...

great take on debate but Rommney wont't win.

3:53 AM  

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