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Friday, June 01, 2007

If You Are Reading This, This Applies To You

You know who you are. The fact that you read blogs to begin (most people don't, you know, despite having heard tell of them) with indicates that you fall into part of the Great Triumvirate - Nerd, Geek or Dork?

Take the test HERE. (Porcupine scored exceptionally high for his Age Range, but that is perhaps less an accomplishment when one is over 200 years old.)

Your Score: Pure Nerd

86 % Nerd, 47% Geek, 39% Dork

For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in Nerd, earning you the title of: Pure Nerd.

The times, they are a-changing. It used to be that being exceptionally smart led to being unpopular, which would ultimately lead to picking up all of the traits and tendences associated with the "dork." No longer. Being smart isn't as socially crippling as it once was, and even more so as you get older: eventually being a Pure Nerd will likely be replaced with the following label: Purely Successful.



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