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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tiiiiii-yaaaah-iiii-mmmmmee Is On My Side

Of all the analysis of the debate by the Democratic Candidates at St. Anselm's College in New Hampshire, the most telling came from the campaign of Sen. Christopher Dodd (put forth in nice, non-discriminatory alphabetical order). It was an alanysis of exactly how long each candidate got to 'Face the Nation'..

Joe Biden: 7:58 - 10 questions
Hillary Clinton: 14:26 - 15 questions
Chris Dodd: 8:28 - 9 questions
John Edwards: 11:42 - 13 questions
Mike Gravel: 5:37 - 10 questions
Dennis Kucinich: 9:02 - 9 questions
Barack Obama: 16:00 - 16 questions
Bill Richardson: 10:48 - 11 questions
Obama, Clinton, Edwards and Richardson were the lucky winners, while the rest couldn't break into double-digits for the number of minutes allowed. Porcupine remembers the controversy in the commentary on the GOP Hardball debate, in which fairness was questioned when Mitt snagged the far right post in the draw, and got to answer first on each question. But as crappy a moderator as Chris Matthews was, he at least gave all ten candidates equal time.
Attention, members of the Democrat Lower Tier! Are you STILL sure you want to spurn Fox News, with its superior format, mixing up the order of responders, and giving everybody a chance to speak an individual thought?
There's still time - maybe a debate WITHOUT Hillabama Edwardson (Opponent of Frudy McRomney) will give you a real shot at being heard. Try emailing Brit Hume now....
And of course, the REAL question - what will St. Anselm's be like tonight?


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