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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Carnival of Liberty - LVIIII

Porcupine is proud to host the 59th consecutive Carnival of Liberty.

We will begin with Fearless Pholosophy for Free Minds - the blog rather than the mindset, although they are not mutually exclusive. Steve has written extensively about Collateral Damage of the War at Home, and this is the second part of his essay. Please click
HERE to enjoy thoughtful analysis of a complex problem.

Next, Critical Mastiff writes A New Paradigm for Medical Insurance. As Mastiff wrote, "Our medical system encourages the wrong behaviors. If insurance companies paid out cash instead of guaranteeing treatment, the system would be more free-market." Please click
HERE to read an excellent imagination of solutions.

Rennyopolis is concerned about our free Republic and writes What Does Defense Spending Mean for Democracy? Please read
HERE for a well thought out warning.

Property is very much upon the minds of the Life, Liberty and Property Community. The estimable Mr. Ogre has written about North Carolina Property Rights. Please read
HERE, to answer his clarion call for the Old Dominion. The London Fog has written Fiscal Balance: The Great Game. Please read HERE for an exposure of the victimhood of governments, lamenting how those bad taxpayers are holding out on them. Scatterbox by Steve Silver writes about "a perfect storm" of financial and poltical discontent in Forecast. Please read HERE for this grim weather assessment.

But indeed, the Community does more than just warn, it offers philosophy as well. Eidelblog writes an Analysis of the Socialist Mindset, which can be found
HERE. His fellow member, Principled Discovery, writes about the detritus of history in a report called What To Do With Karl Marx. His imaginative suggestion appears HERE .

Porcupine, however, is more concerned with Liberty, and perhaps Life, this week. In Another County Heard From, Porcupine writes of how difficult it is to adhere to the principles of free speech and expression when confronted with a new blog written by the President of Iran, in an essay

Yes, we still have our freedom of expression, and weekly we come together to exchange ideas and put the dictators of the world to shame in out Pursuit of Happiness.


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