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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Summer Sing-Along - Part Four

The hour is late, and the ice makes a delicate clink against the cut crystal. As it is covered by the amber coloured liquid, the smoky voice of Tony Bennett begins to sing 'I Wish I Were In Love Again'. But this time, the words are different:

The Snide Remarks,
The Golfing Larks,
The Fight for Statues that Might Grace Our Parks
The Voters? Hey, They Are Just Easy Marks!
It’s Atsalis for Rep. Again!

The Me-Mine-My,
Is His Reason Why;
His Shoulder Chip Could Hit You in the Eye,
The Self Deception That Believes the Lie,
It’s Atsalis for Rep. Again!

Got No Shame
He’s Never to Blame
Excuses are Lame, But
Hey – He Had the Ear of the Speakah!

Believe Me, Sir,
I’d Much Prefer
Him Parking Cars for Daddy – Five Bucks Per
But Hey, As Long As He Can Fling a Slur,
He’ll Run Again!
Demetrius for Rep. - Agaaaain!!

Next Week - Into The Budget...


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