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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Summer Sing-Along - Part One

For many years, Porcupine has made up song parodies, usually by singing at the top of his lungs during a long commute and refining the words as he goes. Recently, on Blue Mass Group, he posted one of his many compositions under the heading of Political Raillery but indeed, why cast pearls before swine? Why not share them here on a Sunday afternoon?

We will begin with a song about the Massachusetts Budget Battle, called DiMasi's Siren Song, sung to the tune of the Habernara in Bizet's opera Carmen:

DiMasi took the Speaker’s Chair
Kicked Out Old Leaders He Found Staaaanding There
Brought In Progressives As His Team
So They Could All Pursue their Noble Dream…

“Let’s Get That Cash Right Out of Hock
And Spread Around on Legislaaaaative Schlock!
How Can A Blue State Still Survive
Upon A Tax Rate Less Than Five-Point-Five?"

"We’ll Spend It All, To Show We Care,
To Debt We’ll Just Pile On Another Layer!
A Balanced Budget? Don’t You See…
Those Cuts Will All Come From
Mitt Rommmm-neeeey!”

Next Week: Impeach Bush!


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