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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The 20% Solution

They're not making pols like they used to. They're making them dumber.
Howie Carr, Sunday, June 18th

The redoubtable Boston Herald columnist, Howie Carr, has written his annual Top Ten Dumbest Politicians column.

What is unuaual about this year's choices is that Two of the Ten represent...Cape Cod! Yes, the voters here managed to create a couple of real 'winners'.

First - our Governor's Councilor Carole Fiola:

Governor's Councilor Carole Fiola. As a longtime radio ad saleswoman, who is better qualfied to decide who becomes a $130,000-a-year judge? She makes the list this year simply because of a quote from 2004 after the SJC created "gay marriage." This is what she said: "A lot of people who are gay are asking to become JP's, because they believe they might be more sensitive." Huh? You mean, gays like John Wayne Gacy, Whitey Bulger and Hot Bottom?
And of course - the first on the list. Yes, Mr. Carr DID choose to list them alphabeticaly, but still, he could claim first place on ANY ranking of dumb politicians:

Rep. Demetrius Atsalis, D-Barnstable. Legislative golf tournaments just aren't what they used to be. Just ask Kujo - on his fateful day of infamy, he ingested his first bad ice cube at a golfing event. Rep. Christopher Asselin used to have one, before he was indicted. Speaker Finneran used to attend them all, before he was indicted. Last year, Senate President Bobby Trav and Speaker Sal were bagged by a TV crew at one in Marblehead, but that didn't stop Demetrius from holding his "charity" event at Hyannis Golf Club the very next day. Surely you recall what happened. Atsalis is lucky he wasn't charged with aiding and abetting a Kujawski.
For those who need a refresher on Rep. Atsalis' troubles, follow the link HERE.

Even though is a equal opportunity offender, disparaging the Lt. Governor as 'Muffy', Porcupine is proud to report that nary a Repubican made the Top Ten List for this year. The others were Worcester County D.A. Conte of the inappropriate phone calls; Sen. Susan Fargo drunk and divorced from reality in tony Lincoln; Rep. John Fresolo of Worcester who ONLY hits his wife in self defense; Cambridge Councilor Gallucio, a drunk driver with offenses spanning decades; Mayor Menino, who may soon be inducted to a Carr Hall of Fame for perennial qualifications; Rep. Gene O'Flaherty, who gutted the drunk driving bill and fled to Portugal; (Query from Porcupine - is a THEME emerging here?) and of course, Attorney General Tom Reilly, the hack who explains that 'politics isn't my forte'. The Entire Timilty Family was also named, as the 'K-Mart Kennedys'. In such a wide and varied competition, it is amazing that Cape Cod was able to snag two spots.

Although technically not a politician, Cape Cod Gabrielli Coordinator Kevin Turner is perhaps worthy of an honorable mention, as he was arrested for drunk driving, just like the Boston big shots. The fact that he is the Principal of Harwich High School should also add to his consideration.

And a posting on politics would not be complete without mentioning a trancendental experience Porcupine had just last night. In a room full of about 80 committed liberals and progressives (with a Republican or three scattered about for yeast in the mixture), the name of Sen. Ted was bood and hissed, at the annual meeting of Power Now - in Massachusetts! In Hyannis! To hear these lifelong Democrats verbally expressing feelings that Porcupine has harboured for so long brought a wee tear to his tiny eye, as finally his lockstep Democrat supporters are seeing the Ted that many of us have seen all along.


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