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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Petroleum Puzzle

Lt. Governor Kerry Healy and House Minority Leader Brad Jones have filed legislation to eliminate the Massachusetts gasoline tax during the summer months. Naturally, the Legislature will pay no attention to this, except for sneering a little. Why, they're too busy to hold a constitutional convention, much less act upon ordinary legislation!

Regarding the proposal, Porcupine was interested to read in a local paper the following comment:

"But Democrats and activists blasted the move. Massachusetts Sierra Club
spokesman Jeremy Marin said the proposed rollback reflects misplaced priorities.

'We have a public transit system that is proposing raising fares
dramatically, but they propose something that will increase traffic gridlock,'
he said."

Democrat Gubanatorial candidate Patrick called it gimmick, and so did Tom Reilly, using larger and more stately words.

As always, Porcupine has the solution!

How about eliminating the gas tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day for areas which HAVE no public transportation, like...Barnstable County?

It is impossible to travel without a car (spare me, Flex route and bicycle enthusiasts - I am talking about getting back and forth to work in professional attire, whcih residents have to do all summer, not vacationing with no fixed time-line). It is also impossible, due to the laws of physics, to increase the gridlock.

What do you say, Mr. Patrick? How about a Cape Cod Tax Free Summer?


Anonymous Doug said...

Actually suggesting gas tax relief in counties with no mass transit? Inconceivable! Pointing out that increasing gridlock is impossible? Seditious! Keep up the good work and thank you for the space to hang my shingle.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous LifePost said...

Apologies that this comment isn't particularly relevant to your entry! This is Nicky from the LifePost crew... please could you visit the site and confirm you have read the latest information about the blogathon (we have a date and new forums for you to join). Thanks! :-D

9:36 AM  

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