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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Carnival of Liberty XLII (42 to you Non-Classicists)

Welcome! Once again, Porcupine is proud to host the Carnival of Liberty, held weekly by the Life, Liberty and Property Community - a diverse collection of thinkers from across the ideological spectrum, all concerned with isssues of personal freedom.

Since we read from Left to Right, Porcupine has decided to line up this week's posts from the ideological Left to Right as well.

First up is a submission from
The People's Republic of Seabrook entitled Does God Really Vote Republican? which details the disrespect deserved by the President for his conservative religious views, or as Jack put it in his submission, "Man, it is NOT easy being a heathen these days".

Next, the squib writes a parable (possibly in the dialect that Democrats use to communicate with one another?) called Thag do Revolution about a prehistoric clan and its treatment of ancient conservatives.

New World Man is fuming about Something That Will Never Be Discussed With Intelligence Or Clarity Anywhere - although he makes a pretty good stab at it - the issue of policing the Internet in the name of saving us all from pornography. Porcupine especially liked a joke he made about the ACLU.

OK, So I'm Not Really a Cowboy! writes about The Cage of Human Rights, and the choices we all make in curtailing our liberty on behalf of others.

Another curmudgeonly rebel like Porcupine, the Liberty Cadre grouses about the good ol' days in What Has Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll Come To?

Radical Libertarian writes that Freedom Ain't Easy, and brings us a slightly different Four Freedoms than the ones FDR talked about.

Next, from
Teapot Tantrums, we have Happy Earth Day! (Unless You're Al Gore....) with some shrewd observations on raising green, by being green.

Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds, we have Ten Terms and Phrases to Be Wary Of. While it remined Porcupine in a way of a political version of George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say on TV, it is an insightful dissection of the ways in which language can be used to disguise and mislead.

On a more practical and less theoretial level,
Pacesetter Mortgage submitted a post on The FHA Modernization Act, which would help end predatory lending (hear that, Deval Patrick?) While we often drift away into the political and theoretical in the LLP, it is important to remember that the protection of Private Property is one of the important missions of the Community, and after reading this, Porcupine thinks President Bush has come up with a new solution to one of the problems of home ownership.

Searchlight Crusade submits The Perfect War. This is an intricately argued piece, and Porcupine suggests that you read it right after you go to see 'United 93' - showing that tragic day with all its complexity and terror in real time - and appreciate better the argument that "Once you begin a war, you are in it until the end."

Spank That Donkey! we have a post called The Epitome of Disrespect which the details the disrespect that the President is treated with in some quarters.

Once again, the Carnival of Liberty has spaned the ideological spectrum
, all points of view welcome and all points considered. Indeed, that may be what Liberty is really all about.


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