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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Loose Ends

Spring-clean·ing - NOUN: A thorough cleaning, especially of a residence when winter is over.

Many issues which Porcupine has blogged on have reached resolution recently, and now Porcupine wishes to offer the various 'rest of the stories' as Paul Harvey would say.

First, the FEC has decided to grant to bloggers what is known as the 'editorial exemption' - see original story HERE. Porcupine had been quite afraid to attack the Democrat Gubernatorial candidates, as he couldn't figure out who benefited from his screed as a 'donation'. For the rest of this election cycle, we are freed from fear, and recognized as the Army of Davids, the citizen ournalists that we are.

With the Brothers , we have more of a split decision - Billy gets his enhanced pension, but James still loses his due to his perjury conviction - see original story
HERE. The havoc wreaked upon varied city and town systems has yet to be calculated, but the Solon of Southie has a lot to answer for.

On a happier note, Jack was sentenced today to over 5 years in prison and restitution of $21 million. Porcupine offered his opinion of that person
HERE, but he is overjoyed to hear that jail time and financial hardship are in his future. Since he will be allowed to stay out of prison as long as he cooperates with Federal authorities, and since Duke Cunningham is cooperating as well, there will be many interesting stories from this in the future.

And, best of , bdul Rahman arrived in Italy today and escaped execution or incarceration for his faith as Porcupine wrote
HERE. The prayers of many were answered, and Porcupine has new hope as we get closer to Easter and Holy Week.

Next - a fresh topic in a newly tidied blog!


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