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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trust Me!

Quid custodit ipsos custodes? - Juventus, Roman Senator

Does anyone else sense the irony of the Cape Cod Times doing their weeklong series on the subject of government secrecy for 'Sunshine Week' at the same time that Atty. General Tom Reilly reveals that he has signed a confidentiality agreement surrounding his 'investigation' into the and -Parsons-Brinkerhoff's potential financial malfeasance? (Story HERE)

To Porcupine, that seems a lot more important than the Eastham police dispatcher overcharging a petitioner before releasing a police log request! (Make no mistake - Porcupine very much approves of this small scale exposure of the flouting of open government laws; it is a truly useful service by the Times, and this series is head and shoulders over Cliff Schectman's self-serving 'expose' of Sheriff Jim Cummings last year to mark the event -

Reilly has already proven himself to be a less-than-trustworthy arbitrator with his NStar deal that ignored the Cape Light compace and residential electricity users. The Governor's Office has decried the agreement, promted Relly to tell WBZ's Carl Stevens in a sneering way, 'It must be nice to be in the peanut gallery instead of doing the real work'. Whoa up there, Mr. Attorney General! There are a LOT of us in that peanut gallery who are uncomforable with this cozy arrangement with your political donors. Reilly's explaination that, 'At the end of the day, we are the ones who will be releasing the data' is a cold reassurance, as we mere mortals have no idea what data there is in the first place, and how or who chose to edit it.

Of course, if I were Tom Reilly and were trying to make a big deal out of 'recovering' Big Dig money, it would grate to hear Christy Mihos piping up every five minutes, "Hey, you schmuck! If you had listened to me in the first place, you wouldn't have to recover money, because we wouldn't have spent it in the first place!" Kind of takes the edge off the accomplishment.

So while I commend the Times for its committment to small-town sunshine, Porcupine feels that the big leagues need to have a little shone on them, too - even at the Bottom of a Dig.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's especially grating to hear Mihos say that, because he is such a fraud.

9:03 AM  

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