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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Summer Sing-Along - Part Three

Porcupine decided to have some fun with the always controversial travel plans of our next President, Governor Mitt Romney of Massachsuetts (to the tune of 'Come Fly With Me'):

Come Fly With Mitt, the Solid South to Woo
In Bible-Land, They have Marching Bands
And They’ll Play their Drums for You!
Come Fly with Mitt; Let’s Fly Red, White and Blue!

Come Fly With Mitt; Let’s Fly Out To L.A.,
California Voters Do Not Know
What They Want From Day to Day
But They Like A Man Whose Hair is Here to Stay!

Once He Gets You Up There, Where the Air is Rarefied
You’ll Just Glide, Glassy-Eyed
Once He Gets You Up There, He Can Reason, oh, So Well
You Can Tell, The Oh-Eight Vote Is Gonna Be Just Swell!

Weather-wise, It’s Such A Lovely Day!
Just Say the Word and We’ll Hop a Bird
Down to Guantanamo Bay
It’s Perfect For a Flying Photo-Op, They Say,
Come Fly With Mitt, Come Fly, Let’s Fly Awaaaaay!

Next Week - A Ditty for Demetruis!

And my apologies for the delay in the appearance of this Sunday's offering - Porcupine has found that hot spots in Maine are far and few between!


Blogger Doug said...

Loved this one too !

3:50 PM  

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