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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Summer Sing Along - Part Seven

So Mr. has moved on. What will he do now? In addition to Dig and Turnpike Executive, we have all learned that he can claim some slightly more unusual credits on his resume - amateur videographer, failed tunnel concert promoter, semi-professional corporate apologist. However, Porcupine has an idea what he will wind up doing, and this Sunday's offering, Amorello's Swan Song, is sung to the Anthony Newley/Leslie Bricusse tune 'Who Can I Turn To?'.

Who Can I Turn To
Since the Pike Doesn’t Need Me?
My Wallet Must Know,
And So I Must Go Where Destiny Leads Me…
With No Aides Beside Me
No Drivers To Guide Me
“Hey, Just Get A Job”
Like Any Old Slob
The Private Sector Will Chide Me...

But Maybe Tomorrow
I Can Score What I’m After
The Senate To Lobby,
Get PAID For My Hobby
Embrace Their Warm Laughter...
My Contacts To Parlay
Into A Lobbyist's Pay Day,
But Who Can I Turn To
If Traaav Turns…Away?


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