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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Summer Sing Along - Part Five

Well,the two-year long 2005-6 Session of the Massachusetts General Court has come to its formal end once again. As ususal, the legislators - who hadn't convened for months on end - tried to cram weeks of work into a couple of days, like kids cramming the night before a test. This year, Speaker DiMasi announced that while there would be a supper provided, the roll call votes would not cease, and the legislators should plan on leaving behind their pasta and shells (Di Masi has it catered by Italian restaurants from his North end district) and run like lemmings to push the red or green buttons when the Sergeant at Arms in the top hat and tails raises his baritone in a bellow, 'ROLL Call in the HOUSE of Rep-Re-SENT-A-Tives...ROLLLLL Call...' In honor of their dutiful scuffling, Porcupine has a summer-themed ditty, to the tune of 'Under the Boardwalk'.

Oh When the Session Ends and the Hot Air Melts Gold Up On Roof
And You Have Special Bill, but Know Your Votes Not Veto-Proof
Into the Budget Outside Section It Goes
So You Can Sneak into Law Past All Your Foes.

From the Lounge, You Hear Yet Another ‘Roll Call’ Cry,
And You Have No Idea What Vote Is On As They Flit By,
When We Do the Budget, We Vote Speaker’s Waaay -
And if Something Sneak Thru, well, He Said O.K.!

Into the Budget (No Hearings at All!)
Into the Budget (Silly Questions and Calls!)
Into tbe Budget (We Put the Bills We Can’t Vote)
Into the Budget (Outside Sections Hide Bloat)
Into the Budget – BUD-GETT!

Into the Budget, as the Session Now Ends.
Where We Can Cut Happy Deals with Our Good Friends!

Into the Budget (We Can Keep Out of Sight)
Into the Budget (We Can Vote Late at Night!)
Into the Budget (Let Mitt Use Veto Pen…)
Into the Budget (…We Override Him Again!)
Into the Budget – Bud-GET!
Next Week -Bulger's Lament!


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