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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Summer Sing Along - Year Two!

Summer is here - the doldrums of political thought, the silly season of politics. And for a Second Year Running, Porcupine will present a song to amuse and irritate!

This is from the 2006 season, and is more timely now than it was when first offred in July of 2006 - so, to the tune 'Come Fly With Me', Porcupine offers a song about Mitt Romney.

Come Fly With Mitt, the Solid South to Woo
In Bible-Land, They have Marching Bands
And They’ll Play their Drums for You!
Come Fly with Mitt; Let’s Fly Red, White and Blue!

Come Fly With Mitt;
Let’s Fly Out To L.A.,
California Voters Do Not Know
What They Want From Day to Day
But They Like A Man Whose Hair is Here to Stay!

Once He Gets You Up There,
Where the Air is Rarefied
You’ll Just Glide, Glassy-Eyed
Once He Gets You Up There,
He Can Reason, oh, So Well
You Can Tell, The Oh-Eight Vote Is Gonna Be Just Swell!

Weather-wise, It’s Such A Lovely Day!
Just Say the Word and We’ll Hop a Bird
Down to Guantanamo Bay
It’s Perfect For a Flying Photo-Op, They Say,
Come Fly With Mitt, Come Fly, Let’s Fly Awaaaaay!

Next Week: I'm Always A Progressive, In My Fashion!

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