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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Guard Changes Once Again

Porcupine adores the parry and thrust of talk radio. The entire purpose is to argue, with as much invective as the FCC will allow, while pushing forward your points and sharpening your ideas as they are challenged.

But Porcupine never entirely took to Paul Sullivan – he thought.

In a way, poor Paul Sullivan was like the person you date right after you are widowed. Porcupine misses the erudite libertarian
David Brudnoy to this day and often can hear some of David’s sardonic remarks echoing as political and cultural issues unfold.

So, after a long and abiding connection - Porcupine is often driving long distances at night - with the abstruse Mr. Brudnoy, Paul Sullivan seemed a little ...well...unintellectual. In reality, Sullivan was intelligent without being cerebral, which was a Brudnoy specialty. After a few calls, Porcupine was content to listen, still wondering what David would have asked the continuing parade of top shelf guests that Paul still brought to WBZ. It would never be the same.
And indeed, it wasn't. Paul was funny, deft, and sympathetic - even if he did accuse listeners of being drunk as often as Howie plays his Mexican horn. Still, his obvious good nature and reporter's mind - perhaps not Brudnoy calibre, but sturdy and resilient nonetheless - kept Porcupine listening.

Now, Paul Sullivan has decided to retire after a bout with cancer and will be replaced with yet another. For WBZ to lose two fine hosts to cancer is depressing. Porcupine will grouse that the new guy is no Paul Sullivan, but will still be out there, one of the listeners in the dark.

Be well, Paul, and enjoy your family. Too few are as smart as you proved to be in making choices.


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