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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Today Is A Non-Political Day...Kinda....

Porcupine is about to abandon himself to pre-game shows. Local guys like Bob Lobel and Steve Burton, the Hated Felger, goofy Fred Smerlas and Steve deOssie - who must be the most torn commentator in football, as he is a former Patriot, a longtime Patriot gameday guy, who has a son Zack playing in the Superbowl for the NY Giants.

Still - there is chili and Fritos to eat, as we here in Massachusetts see if it IS possible to go 19 - 0 in the free-agent, salary-cap era.

A while ago, Porcupine suggested to the campaign that Mitt buy a Superbowl 42 ad, saying - "I'm rooting for my New England Patriots because I'm a Patriot too." That was made moot when the Superbowl announced no political ads would be sold (one Democrat and one GOP from New York, one from Massachusetts, and an Arizona GOP host as well). But the response from the campaign was interesting.

One response was that a single 30 second spot in the Superbowl would buy 300 regular commercials, which is true, but Porcupine suspeced the earned media would rival the Huckabee Floating Cross. Another response was that everywhere she went, the Patriots were HATED!! People wanted to see perfection fail!! Porcupine wanted to say she was campaigning in Florida, where the Pats had just taken away Don Shula's precious Dolphins record - but I paused. While Florida is a special case, what are the problems with perfection nationwide?

The big rap in the media on Mitt has always been that he's "too perfect". The perfect wife, the perfect kids, the perfect hair - they were reduced to talking about his great-grandfather in their search for scandal. Once, that would have been a good thing. Now, the media wants everybody flawed. Better story there.

So - will the Perfect Patriots triumph today? Porcupine has on his lucky Patriot socks, and is ready to root hard. Today, and for the OTHER Perfect Franchise from Massachusetts on Tuesday as well.

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Blogger Suldog said...

Oh, well. Go Celtics!

8:28 AM  
Blogger George Vreeland Hill said...

I'm a Giants fan!
Loved the game!

George Vreeland Hill

12:43 AM  
Blogger monponsett said...

Mitt should have got Muffy some surgery, then been like "I'll be campaigning with Muffy as my VP."

That would have won him California...and eventually, the world.

9:45 AM  

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