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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Porcupine is watching Mike Huckabee stammering his explanation on Hannity & Colmes about how showing an attack ad to a room full of high-octane reporters, and then piously announcing that he WASN'T going to attack anybody, while the ad ran behind him and there were foam core images of the attack, wasn't REALLY important, but how we should instead talk about "hunger, poverty and the enviornment".

Above is a captured copy of his ad - could his epiphany about negative campaigning have anything to do with the jab that Mitt Romney failed to execute any criminals while he was Governor? (pssstt....Mass. HAS no death penalty...in fact, while Governor, Romney filed what he called a 'gold standard' death penalty bill, requiring DNA evidence, eyewitnesses, etc. - and the Legislature still voted it down). Huckabee explained that he SHOWED the ad to all the reporters - getting it on national news for zero bucks - because unless he DID, the reporters would think he didn't really HAVE an ad. There was nothing WRONG with the ad....

Porcupine would have enjoyed Huckabee's explanation of this factual error. It must have been Jesus' kid brother that made him do it....

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Blogger sandyshoes said...

I got a big kick out of this too.

Happy New Year!

2:54 PM  

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