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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas - 2007!

Once again, Porcupine is surrounded by family and friends for Christmas - and wants to share something with his e-Friends as well.

Last year, Porcupine shared one of his favourite Christmas poems -
The Maid Servant at the Inn by Dorothy Parker. This year, he wants to share another of Parker's Christmas poems - again, one which concentrates on the actual child born this day, Jesus of Nazareth. This one is called The Gentlest Lady:

They say He was a serious child
And Gentle in His ways
They say the Gentlest Lady smiled
To hear the neighbors' praise.

The coffers of her heart would close
Upon His smallest word
Yet did they say, "How tall he grows!"
They thought she had not heard.

They say that on His birthday eve
She rocked Him to His rest,
As if she could not bear Him leave
The shelter of her breast.

The poor must go in bitter thrift,
The poor must go in pain.
But ever did she set a gift
To greet His day again.

They say she'd kiss the boy awake
And hail Him gay and clear;
Bt oh, her heart was like to break
To count another year!

A Merry Christmas, and a memory for the Reason for this holy day for us all.


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