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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Fluffernutter Brigade Marches On!

You thought you were safe when Sen. Jarrett 'Fluffy' Barrios left, didn't you?

Then you thought you'd be safe while the Legislature was debating if they should make spanking your own child in your own home illegal, didn't you?

Ah, but the Nanny State has so many frontiers to fight on! From a State House colleague -

SENATE APPROVES BAND INSTRUMENT HYGIENE BILL: The hygiene of school band instruments would get a close look under a bill amended and approved in the Senate today. The bill, H 413, filed by Rep. Paul Donato (D-Medford), would establish a task force to study the policies to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, such as tuberculosis, via band instruments. Under the original text of the bill, the task force would be composed of members of the Massachusetts Teachers’ Association, patient and consumer organizations and band instrument manufacturers. The House passed a local bill affecting North Andover and okayed resolutions congratulating Eagle Scouts before also adjourning to meet next on Monday at 11 am. Session Summaries Developing.
Proving he is not truly one of the FlufferNuts, he went on to comment, "As I said to my colleague here in the office, we could save a lot of time, effort and taxpayer money by having the Department of Public Health send out a memo to all schools recommending they have the kids wipe down instruments with alcohol pads after each use. I mean, really -- can we use some common sense, people?"

And this, from the Belly of the Beast. Yes, the Fluffy Ban is alive and well in the CommonNanny of Massachusetts.



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