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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Fantasy Crushed

What Happens To A Dream Deferred?
Langston Hughes, Montage of a Dream Deferred (1951)

Porcupine has had a dream since Sept. 6, 2007 as he watched the Colts begin the new season against the Saints in the RCA Dome in Indianapolis.

The Patriots and the Colts would play for the AFC championship in January of 2008. The Pats would have secured home field advantage (even in musings, Porcupine never dared to dream that the Patriots would have a perfect 16 - 0 season). The day would dawn, bleak and threatening. Along about the end of the first quarter, a nor'easter would begin. The wind would be in Peyton Manning's face, stinging his ugly and prominent nose with tiny pellets of frozen rain, making his unpleasant grimace even more pronounced. The bitterly cold wind would take away his claim to accuracy, and give him another element to point his bony finger at as his throws went wide. Brady, of course, would continue to play supurb ball, with 60 yard passes and quarterback sneaks. Somewhere along the line, Peyton would slip in the slush, causing him painful bruises and wet lycra high lustre pants. The Colts would limp to a humiliating defeat, unable to play ball outside the cocoon of their protective Dome.

Then, the Chargers ate their lunch.

Porcupine feels a measure of disappointment, as he has mentally played the Patriots-Colts match-up so many times. During long drives, on stressful days, the image of Peyton Manning being roughly pelted by the elements was always a cheering one.

His only consolation is that Eli Manning and the Giants advanced further in the playoffs, which will make for an interesting Sunday dinner at the Manning household. His only fear is that Eli will start to make television commercials now, too.

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