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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Summer Sing Along - 2007 Finale!

As always (this is the second time, so Porcupine can now declare it to be 'always'), the Grand Finale of the Sunday Summer Sing-Along for 2007 is a recapitulation of the Red and Blue Alternaton for this summer's edification -

A Ditty for Deval - HERE

A Melody for McCain - HERE

A Ballad for Barak - HERE

A Roundelay for Rudy - HERE

A Hymn for Herself - HERE

A Fandango for Fred - HERE

An Elegy for Edwards - HERE

A Hoedown for Huckabee - HERE

So, Adieu, my friends, until the 2008 round - Porcupine expects ample scope for the art of parody to present itself as the election year advances!

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