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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Summer Sing Along - 2007 - Number 8!

Yet another musician from Hope, Arkansas and the Arkansas Goveror's Mansion is running for President. Cheery Mike Huckabee is an excellent speaker and has his own group, called Capitol Offense. Porcupine is sure that as a country rock musician, Gov. Huckabee will appreciate this offering modeled upon the greatest song of Miss Patsy Cline called 'Crazy':

Crazy, They Said I was Crazy for Tryin’
I'm Crazy, Crazy for Speaking So True;
I knew I had the Ideas That You Wanted
And Then Someday You'd Be Wanting Somebody New!

Worry, Why Should I Let Myself Worry?
Wond'ring - What in the World Did I Do?
Crazy - for Jumping to Real Big Dog Status,
I'm Crazy for Straw Polls, and Crazy for Poll Rolls,

And I'm Crazy Running for You!
Crazy - For Hoping My Speeches Could Hold You
I'm Crazy with Trying, and Crazy, not Lying,
Be Crazy – Say I’m Voting for You!

Next Week - Sunday Summer Sing Along Grand Finale!

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Blogger Trevor said...

i've notcied your moonbat thing and i find it in many ways degrading to yourself more than me. i don't think it reflects well upon your political professionalism.


8:46 AM  

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