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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Summer Sing Along - Number Two!

Porcupine was almost afraid that his second entry in the Sunday Summer Sing Along would be too late, given the rapid course of recent events. Lest you think that Porcupine revels in the misery of others (well, yes, he does but that's beside the point) be assured that this song for Sen. John McCain was written a while ago - and has another Cole Porter classic as its melody, 'Down in the Depths on the 90th Floor'.

With a million neocon pundits ready to hang me,
And a million hack reporters raising a roar,
Here I sit, Straight Talk Express,
Making sense of this huge mess,
Down in the depths
The front runner no more!

Since I lost to Bush I’ve Been the Media’s Hero,
I’m the Senate Maverick with the BIG ’08 Roar,
Now deserted and depressed
With my pitiful war chest,
Down in the depths
The front runner no more…

When Your One Last Chance Just Slips Between Your Fingers,
What's the Use of Rank and Senate Cachet Galore?
Why, Even That Nobody, Mitt,
Has Been Turning Into a Hit,
And Here I Am, Facing Tomorrow,
Alone in my Sorrow,
Down in the Depths
The Front Runner No More….
Deep in the Depths, The Front Runner No More…

Next week: A Ballad for Barack!

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Blogger HolyInheritance said...


Have you done a ballad for Romney yet?

I think it should be titled "The Best is Yet to Come".

Thanks for your comment on my Romney blog.


God Bless America!

11:08 AM  
Blogger rebeccanderic said...

I think it's amazing the effect that media has on consumers! Have you heard the newly released song "Raise the Bar" that is no doubt all about the 2008 election here and Mitt Romney's place in it? It's got guts as it points out that "...the office has been in the glare with affairs and more, that defile such a high position.." I love it! It's awesome. It has no problem pointing fingers at: the "the spindoctors in the news, some abuse their power giving us their own rendition.."
I would say this song is one of the best political songs I have heard, it's rhyme is good, beat is catchy and lyrics painfully honest! you can listen here www.ericproffitt.com

12:44 PM  

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