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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


T'is here again, by Great Neptune's Man Nipples! Avast, the Annual 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' is upon us once more, and Porcupine will celebrate, having known more than a few pirates in his day!

Last year, the Great Holiday fell upon Massachusetts Primary Day, as Porcupine wrote HERE, and t'was the the Blackamoor, Cap’n Devvy Sharkbait, who bested the Hibernian, Guideon the Parrotless, and the tall Florentine, Slashin' Baird Dawkins, and prevailed o'er our lass, Navigatin' Kerry Cooke. The names were devined with the help of the Pirate Name Generator, and Prickly Pete Porcupine has it here for his mates and fellow cutthroats.

To shape up agin', here's a practive drill your all you lubbers, to get into shape, courtesy of Cap'n Slappy's web site-

* Organize a pirate-themed knitting bee.

* Purchase copies of pirate classics and have a "read-along" at a lock-down facility for the criminally twitchy.

* Quietly contemplate the meaning of "Booty"

* Get blistering drunk on rum with yer mates and puke in the neighbor's Zen garden.

* Sponsor a lecture on the complicated psyche of the man and cultural zeitgeist of the world in which Edward "Blackbeard" Teach lived.

* Hold a muffin baking contest!

* Randomly call people at their place of employment and yell, "ARRRR!" into the telephone. (THIS is Porcupine's personal favorite!)

* Get a tattoo featuring the likeness of soulful basso profundo crooner, the late, great Barry White! (so smooth! so DE-val!)

Now, w'Cap' Devvy workin' to put the swabs o' Mass to work on a plan to lighten the gentry of their doubloons in a gamin' parlour and pass of the Black Spot to high-faced pension boards, it behooves us all to sling the lingo and sharpen the cutlass, as we prepare for boardin' on the other states of the S.S. New England. Let's do Cap'n Devvy proud, and show 'ow little we care for Injuns when there's booty to be had!

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Blogger Harry said...

Let's do Cap'n Devvy proud, and show 'ow little we care for Injuns when there's booty to be had!


12:06 PM  

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