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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There IS Yet A Line Which Cannot Be Crossed!

“Revenge,” I shrieked, groping to remember the affront.
Mason Cooley, American Aphorist (b. 1927)

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-New York deserves our highest commendation. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (an unelected dictator not worthy of the title of President) shouted from the podium at the United Nations when he appeared there after President Bush, "The devil came here. Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of." He then made the sign of the cross, brought his hands together as if praying and looked up to the ceiling. His outrageous statement brought a mixture of giggles and applause from that international body. It is not stated that anyone stalked out affronted, although that is generally a favorite activity of the UN membership.

However, Rep. Rangel had this to say, "I want President Chavez to please understand that even though many people in the United States are critical of our president that we resent the fact that he would come to the United States and criticize President Bush... you don't come into my country, you don't come into my congressional district and you don't condemn my president."

Technically, he isn't correct. John D. Rockefeller purchased and donated the land where the UN building sits, and placed it into a trust whch would guarantee that it would remain international land, similar to the way the Vatican is a separate entity within Rome. But his sentiments do him credit and Porcupine applauds them, even in the light of his subsequent back-pedaling which can be viewed on his web site HERE. The first impulse was the better and more generous one.



Blogger Marinade Dave said...

For the most part, I agree with you. I will not buy Citgo gas because of what that man said and because of what he represents.

There are two areas that need clarification, though.

1. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías entered the presidency through direct elections and is both the head of state and head of government of Venezuela, so actually, he is not an unelected tyrant. Venezuela is a federal republic and all adults have the right to vote, without distinction as to race, sex, belief, or economic/social status. He's still a rat turd, though.

2. Chávez reiterated his position and again called Bush the devil while speaking to the audience and his heinie kissing pal, Danny Glover, at the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem, so technically, yes, he was in Rep. Rangel's congressional district at that time.

11:15 AM  

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