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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Summer Sing Along - 2006 Finale

Labour Day is the end of summer, and it is also the end of the 2006 Sunday Summer Sing Along. As is traditional at such gatherings, Porcupine has chosen to end with an old classic, written back when Senate President William Bulger, the Corrupt Midget and brother to the FBI’s #1 Wanted Felon Whitey Bulger, chose to end his rule of Beacon Hill by accepting another Suzerainty – the Presidency of the University of Massachusetts college system – which had the same potential for self enrichment without the trouble of having to stand for reelection every two years. This was written shortly before Gov. Romney was successful in ridding the Commonwealth of his Services, and before Bulger was successful in suing the state for a further enrichment of his pension. Sung to the tune of the old romantic standard, 'You Took Advantage of Me':

I was once the Senate President
Off to U-Mass I then Gladly Went
I Wrote My Book
But Then the Fifth I Took
They Took Advantage of Me!

Whitey’s Misdeeds Came to Light One Day
Along With Corpses He Had Blown Away
Dan Burton Deposed
And Left Me Exposed
They Took Advantage of Me!

I’m So Hot and Bothered, That When I Left
There was Money in the Till,
And Still the Herald Takes a Front Page Shot
Like ‘Million Dollar Bill’!

Here I Am With All My Bridges Burned
No Way Back as Far As Mitt’s Concerned
My Well Paid Staff,
The State Street Gaffe,
They Took Advantage of Me!

Yes, They Took Ad-Van-Tage of MEEEEEE!


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