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Saturday, August 23, 2008

By The Company He Keeps...

Porcupine is writing this at 11:30 am on Friday, August 22, 2008. (Note: Due to the genuinely crappy Internet connection available on Cape Cod during the summer, Porcupine has been unable to access the Internet until just now - over 24 hours later. The good new is, Obama has chosen to drag out his selection for all this time - impossibly heightening expectations, but making Porcupine's blog on the matter still germane.)

At this moment, Barack Obama has not announced his choice for Vice President, a decision which will tell us a great deal more about Obama than the person he chooses.

Hillary Clinton? Sen. Clinton is in a unique position – she alone is able to unite BOTH parties. The PUMA Democrats and Democratic women will be better able to unite behind Obama (although there will be some residual resentment of such a Bright Young Thing being promoted over the head of a better qualified woman, doubtless a familiar scenario to many). On the Republican side, any lingering doubts over McCain’s conservative bona fides will vanish at the prospect of an unoccupied Bill Clinton being once again in Washington near the seat of power.

Gov. Sibelius? Choosing a different woman than Hillary will only further enrage the PUMA women, and Obama seems smarter than that.

Obama’s choice comes down to two – the Trusted Older Counselor or the Vigorous Cohort.

Joe Biden is the archetype of the former. Indeed, an inexperienced Governor chose the foreign policy expert and insider as Vice President in 2000, and the selection of Dick Cheney allayed many fears about George Bush’s foreign policy credentials. Porcupine wonders if Obama wants to choose the same path. Further, as one wag said, Joe Biden is the smartest guy in the room – just ask him, and he’ll tell you. Is Obama’s somewhat touchy ego up to partnering with a vice President who may at times appear smarter and more experienced than he?

Tim Kaine is the latter – a popular and vigorous Governor, who would be so grateful for his chance at the world stage that he would never risk outshining ‘The One’, and who would work hard to push Obama’s agenda and ideas with the public. Hardly an ego threat.

Porcupine is of the opinion that it is the Vigorous Cohort who will be chosen, out of deference to Obama's prickly ego, but we shall soon see who comes out that door – Not a Lady, but perhaps a Tiger…

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