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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiny and Parrish

Porcupine was there for the great champion games of the 1980's - the celebrations at Boston City Hall, the parades. But Porcupine's favorite players were never Bird, or Ainge, or Havilichek, or Heinsohn or even Russell. After Cousy - Porcupine's favorites were Robert Parrish and Tiny Archibald.

And they're back.

Rajon Rondo is as quick and dangerous as Archibald was in his prime, and Kevin Garnett is Robert Parrish to the life.

Porcupine's youngest was able to get tickets for this game - and he was in nursery school the last time a championship came to Boston. He's there now with his girlfriend, who wasn't alive the last time the Celtics won a banner.

Perhaps with players and coaching like this, we now have a franchise to match the new Boston Garden. Kudos to MVP Pierce, who was a real leader through bad times - but Porcupine will sing - 'Rondo, Rondo, Rondo, RON-doh,....'

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Blogger Suldog said...

I think KG is The Chief without the modifying (mellowing) effect of marijuana. I'm serious. If KG smoked a doob once in a while, he'd probably live about five years longer. The man's intensity is going to make his head explode someday.

9:10 AM  

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