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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dying Gasps?

Porcupine often watches those segments of the WGBH show, “Greater Boston” that interest him. At the very least, it provides a window into a mindset (GOP Party Chair Jennifer Nassour was on recently, and a puzzled Emily Rooney asked exactly HOW State Committee members are chosen, anyway – Nassour had to admit we had given up the human sacrifices and entrail readings…)

Last night’s first guest was one Beth Daly, a Boston Globe reporter who also serves as a union observer on the negotiating team with the New York Times as they perform triage on the Globe operation. Ms. Daly had these interesting points to offer:

Ms. Daly spoke at length about the “$10 million” in cuts needed. Rooney said she thought the figure was $20 million. Daly breezily replied, “No, that’s just our union – there are 13 unions in all and most of them are insignificant – there are only three that really count.”

Porcupine knows if he were a typesetter, he’d feel great knowing she’s looking out for his interests…

Rooney asked about the lifetime jobs – Dan Totten, union chief who has one, says they are off the table while Frank Phillips, State House reporter who ALSO has one says of course they can be junked if it will help fellow employees (of course, Phillips is in a unique job, and Totten is not). Daly forced a grim smile and said there was “a REALLY robust discussion going on about points like that”.

Porcupine is sure there is…

Lastly, they spoke a little about the ‘Save the Globe’ rally today at Faneuil Hall, so everybody can show just how much they all care about keeping the Globe alive.

Porcupine wonders if it will be as well attended as the TEA Party was last week.

Porcupine also wonders if the Globe is so clueless that they don’t get the symbolism of holding their rally at a place…where the owners have just filed for bankruptcy…


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