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Saturday, March 29, 2008

M & M '08?

Many months ago (November of 2006, as it happens), Porcupine was talking with the redoubtable Massachusetts National Committee Man Ron Kaufman about the 2008 race.

It was a badly kept secret that Romney was considering a run, but Kaufman had an interesting insight. "For the last eight years, we've had the vigorous young man with the wise older counselor to guide him (referring to Bush and Cheney). But what about the brave sage, with the energetic and intelligent younger man to aid him and learn from him? THAT would work for eight years as well!"

Of course, Romney's campaign took off in a way that was totally unanticipated, making an obscure Northeastern governor from the wrong party into a national political figure, making him a viable candidate for the nomination itself. But it's interesting that somebody as politically astute as Kaufman may have had this image in mind all along.

And really - can you even imagine a similar photograph of Clinton and Obama?

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Blogger John Howard said...

So you're saying he was lying the whole time? That fits.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Um, of course I can imagine a similar photograph. I think you can, too, if you ignore for a moment the particular narrative we're being visually sold and remember that Senators Obama and Clinton are also peers, agree on many things, and can relate to one another in ways that most people cannot.




7:46 AM  
Blogger GM Roper said...

PP, I can imagine a similar photograph of Clinton and Obama, but then I'd have to sober up in time to go to work. ;-)

8:03 AM  

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