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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Deval Canute - or, GamblePort Lives!

“Then, thou shalt count to three. No more, no less. Three is the number of the counting, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four, shall thou not count, neither count though two, excepting that though then procedeth to three. Five is right out!”
From the 'Book of Armaments', Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Porcupine has enjoyed the many pronouncements of Governor Deval Patrick about how casino gambling will operate in Massachusetts.

Long ago, Porcupine predicted that the Governor would create an independent authority like the Mass. Turnpike or Massport - because those have worked out so well, haven't they? Besides, when the Governor's plan to merge the Turnpike and MassHighway is completed, all those politically connected toll takers will need new jobs - and they DO have experience handling quarters....

Three resort casinos will magically flourish in economicaly depressed areas as exclusive resorts. The financial success will continue on its magical basis, as they are staffed with Unionized waitresses, and linens are procured from SOMBWA approved services - hang the expense!

OF course, usually when a new Board or Commission is created, the Creator ascertains that those being named are willing to serve on it, avoiding the political disavowal of Tim Cahill, the State Treasurer who flatly refuses to serve.

Now, with $125 million short in the Lottery and a demand being laid down for $1 billion for stem cell research, Deval Canute is once again commanding the seas to recede as the Legislature watches with dersion.

But none of this matters, as casinos will be the Alpha and Omega of fiscal health for the Commonwealth. For truly, like King Canute, this is a matter of faith - GamblePort lives!

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