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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Into Each Life Some Sun Must Fall...

It is better to write of laughter than of tears, for laughter is the property of man.
François Rabelais (1494–1553)

Porcupine is nothing if not a contrarian.

While I reported on the riots in France last week, and then again on Denmark, I feel that the tone here has gotten entirely too sombre and fatalistic, and I wish to share a couple of other things of interest. You can read about France elsewhere (oh, maybe just
HERE, where Le Figaro says about foreign media coverage of the weeks of destruction that,”[the riots were] ‘too good an opportunity to pass up, an opportunity to mock the country that claims to have invented human rights and that's always ready -- yes, it's true -- to lecture the rest of humanity." )

My ‘Banned in China’ banner was sent to me by my friend, One Man Bandwidth. (
Link). He explains that MANY international sites are routinely blocked by authorities. The Chinese government announced revised Internet rules in September that require Internet operators to re-register their news sites and police them for content that can "endanger state security" and "social order."
Any content that "harms national security, reveals state secrets, subverts political power, (and) undermines national unity" is also banned. Since Porcupine has engaged in virtually all of these activities in his 242 year career, I am not optimistic that I would be warmly accepted any time soon. We need to make our largest trading partner aware that we will not be happy if this continues. There is a deep and abiding merchant spirit in China, and in fact, the term ‘the almighty dollar’ was coined back in my day to refer to Chinese, not American, currency and attitudes. Markets can still bring freedom, and we need to use our power for good.

Also, I want to share this cartoon from a friend; unkind, even as he is, but funny:

The New Laurel and Hardy

Porcupine promises to return to the usual suspects and skullduggery soon – from what he has heard about the Barnstable elections, there will be ample targets available.

Lastly, Porcupine has a new weekly tenant, Guppyman’s Rant Zone. This is a Texan, a funny conservative –I told you I wanted a change of pace! His visuals, his love of country fried steak and his funniness leave Porcupine with a deep admiration, and I hope you will visit by clicking the ‘Rent My Blog’ box at the top of the page.


Blogger Guppyman said...

Ummmm... This is a Texan who is EXTREMELY Conservative....

Might want to change that description...

5:23 PM  
Blogger Peter Porcupine said...

I'm going to leave you as funny insead of extreme - even if you ARE both!

5:43 PM  

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