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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Cool Web of Language

NOW, as words affect, not by any original power, but by representation, it might be supposed, that their influence over the passions should be but light; yet it is quite otherwise; for we find by experience, that eloquence and poetry are as capable, nay indeed much more capable, of making deep and lively impressions than any other arts, and even than nature itself in very many cases.
Edmund Burke (1729–1797). On the Sublime and Beautiful.

There is something more important than sound conservative government.

There is even something dearer and more important to the Porcupine than politics.

It is language. Words. Our currency of ideas, our coinage of debate, our capital of inspiration.

So Porcupine is singularly honored to have been invited to be a guest contributor to Waking Ambrose.

Waking Ambrose is the brainchild of Doug Pascover, and is a site dedicated to the satire and punditry (every pun intended) of the presumably late Ambrose Bierce, who walked into the desert sands and was never seen again. Bierce was a newspaper writer who is most famous for his compilation of sardonic definitions, ‘The Devil's Dictionary’.

Mr. Pascover asked Porcupine to define ‘Supply Side’, and I was happy to comply. I hope you will visit the link above and read my small contribution. I also hope that you will peruse the links to the Devil’s Dictionary and rejuvenate yourself with wordplay.

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. Our earliest consciousness knew how important the invention of language was to our species. Our greatest stories, from the Tower of Babel to Rapunzel, center around communication and the power of the word – written, spoken and now transmitted. Words are power and have power – to help, to destroy, to hurt, to heal. Take some time to read the Waking Ambrose site, and rediscover the savour of words, and the enjoyment of them. Go to Poetry.com, and rediscover the panoply of parlance and patois, the torrent of talk and tongue. Allow words to refresh and replenish you, and remember why it is that you read in the first place.

Then we can argue about politics!


Blogger Doug said...

Thank you, Peter, for the kind words and your contribution, which was not small. Thanks also for supporting conservative government and defending the language. Your writing honors both.

7:53 AM  

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