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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Red State Tide?

Generally young men are regarded as radicals. This is a popular misconception. The most conservative persons I ever met are college undergraduates. The radicals are the men past middle life.
Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

It is a shame that the creeping infestation known as Red Tide has hit the Cape’s shorelines just after the sun has come out and the holiday season has begun. My condolences to the fisherfolk along the shore, and a hope for a speedy remediation.

However, the name of the plague fits another phenomenon that Porcupine has noticed, hitting primarily the shoreline area of Massachusetts, and he wonders if that infestation went unnoticed at the time.

Twenty odd years ago, was the coastline hit with what might be called Red State Tide? How else to describe the sudden proliferation of youthful Republican office holders and seekers along the shoreline?

Republican Adam Chaprales, (aged 21) is the most notorious, having captured a seat on the Sandwich Board of Selectmen by using the endorsement of William Delahunt, your usually uninvolved Congressman. This as proven to be quite an embarrassment to Delahunt’s office (he has yet to comment except through hapless minions) as the endorsement was given ‘based on age, among other things’. (Side Note – In an excellent letter to the Cape Cod Times, ousted Selectman Frank Pannorfi wrote in part
- “As a 63-year-old incumbent candidate who ran for re-election for Sandwich selectman, I must conclude under the congressman's criteria that I was unqualified for this position, because of my age. I find it interesting that on those few occasions when I have met with the congressman, or his staff, no mention was ever made of that being an issue. Apparently the congressman believes that since I now receive Social Security benefits I am no longer of any value to my town. When, where and under what circumstances did he have this epiphany?....Maybe seniors should take a long, hard look at the congressman's age in 2006."– Porcupine expects we shall hear from Mr. Pannorfi again!) Such an elementary step as checking the party registration of the young man was beyond the ability of the Congressman or his staff – after all, if he was young, he’s a Democrat, right? Perhaps the Congressman was more spooked than he cared to admit by his energetic, dynamic 30-something challanger from Plymouth last year, Mike Jones.

The Congressman might not have been so hidebound in his thinking if he considered young (29) Douglas Bennett, elected to the Nantucket Board of Selectmen a year ago and now considering a run for State Senate, assuming Gail Lese (aged 34) doesn’t choose to run again.

Who are these young folk? Isn’t the GOP the party of portly old men and hydrangea-haired ladies? Apparently not. New clubs of Young Republicans and College Republicans are chartered in Blue Massachusetts every day, and the clubs have begun to inject themselves into Bay State politics, energized by young legislators like Sen. Scott Brown, Rep. Vinny DeMacedo, Rep. Jeff Perry, Rep. Karen Polito and other such GOP luminaries.

There is a phenomenon called South Park Republicans – named after young television watchers, young people fed to the eyeteeth with the sanctimonious, politically correct, moribund drivel the Democrat Party has seen fit to adopt as its platform and operating premise. Family Guy is another show which appeals to these youngsters, Stewie being a particular favorite. Bored senseless with gray-haired, aging Red Diaper babies teaching in institutions of higher learning, extorting 'correct' responses from the young in return for favorable grades and pontificating about how they had been going to change everything back in the day, these young folk have looked to the Republican Party, especially after getting those $300 checks a while back, and realized that in fact, tax money actually came from them and it might behoove them to take an interest in how it is spent.

Worse, not a few of these young folk are women, allegedly impossible in party politics. Carrying their ‘W Stands for Woman’ signs last year, they worked, they ran and they made a difference in many races around the country. Many, if not most, are also pro-choice indicating a dangerous ability to work for a better candidate that they disagree with on some issues. Without their litmus tests, where will the Democrats – part of the single interest aggregation - be?

An early bellwether on Cape Cod was Kris Poole, Phil Early, and other Nauset students, who stood with American flags and Bush signs at the Eastham Windmill, near the elderly Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom anti-war demonstrators. Look at the fresh and withered faces, and think about the turning of the Red State Tide.

Perhaps we can blame it on the Outfall Pipe…


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This was not just a well-written piece of wisdom you have provided us with. It is yet another hard-hitting example that mainstream media is dying.

You are part of the future (and to me the present) of newsmedia and it warms my heart. It would take me months to find a piece as worthy as this one in the regional newspapers.

Keep up the great work and thank you. (and put up a Paypal tip jar for the Boy/Girl Scouts or something on your page. I am good for a $20 if you do)

1:36 PM  

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