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Friday, May 06, 2005

Upon My Oath as a Gentleman...

Facts are stubborn things
Alain Rene Le Sage (1668-1747)

You read it here first – it’s Mitt Romney’s fault that Tom Finneran may be indicted on Federal perjury charges for his testimony during the investigation into the 2000 redistricting plan, claiming he had no knowledge of the districts in advance.

Oh, there are holes to plug up, and bridges to build, but eventually the case will be made that a Republican Federal Attorney must have been influenced by Romney in making his decision. The fact that the Court deliberately foot-noted Finneran’s testimony as being questionable is just a side issue – after all, they were appointed by Dukakis!

I have a quick memo for the Democrat Party in general on this issue. You can mis-speak, obfuscate, omit and outright lie to your family, friends, supporters, Party and even the media – but when you enter the courtroom and put your hand on the Book, all that goes by the board. After the misadventures of your President Clinton on this issue, you would think that would be graven in stone for them by now – but it isn’t.

Already, former colleagues of the Speakah are springing to his defense, asserting that he didn’t mean to say anything wrong, and because his intentions were not evil, no crime was committed. Tell that to Martha Stewart! This follows the reasoning that because Clinton lied about sex, it didn’t really count.

Yes, it does. And it is called perjury.

None of us gets to decide what truths are comfortable for us to tell – judges do that. Lying or misremembering when instructed to answer is, in fact, the proverbial Federal case. It isn’t the crime, it’s the cover-up. It isn’t the lie, it’s the Oath.

And somehow, it will all be Mitt’s fault.


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