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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writings from OTB (Other People's Blogs)

In the wake of the Scott Brown victory, I posted this on Media Nation, in response to his article in the Guardian by liberal media commentator Dan Kennedy - http://www.dankennedy.net/. Please consider.

Peter Porcupine says:
January 20, 2010 at 10:43 am
DK – while the margin of the victory was gratifying, the result wasn’t that big a surprise.

For MONTHS, I have listened to progressives/liberals deride ‘teabaggers’. Stop and think – was insistence on that sniggering name going to win any friends? And please don’t think that it was an ‘inside’ joke, as those days of hidden derision of plebeians by elitist Democrats in policy/agenda positions is over. There is the Internet now, and the curtains around back rooms are now cheesecloth.

It’s all astroturf, trucked in from Texas and Mississippi? I’ve BEEN to Town Hall meetings, Liberty caucus meetings, and Tea Party rallies. I’ve talked to the people there, locals, most of whom had been uninvolved in politics, and were new to political movements. Then, after they held a rally or standout, they see in the paper the next day that 100 people get ignored while 15 progressives against the war get the front page. They read that they are all racist zealots who don’t really live here anyway. And they look at each other, and realize that those ads they’ve seen against Republicans are most likely lies as well, and look differently at Democrats.

YOU are pragmatic, and would try to embrace anger. Your progressive fellows are already trying to minimize this, and claim that it’s only ‘anti-incumbent’, not ‘anti-Progressive’. Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Tea Party rallies with a sympathetic nod and cups of coffee.


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